A wonderful summer destination

Vima Travel Location

Located in Thassos Town, Vima Travel is 500m from the ferry port on the main circle road of the island. Easy access and parking facilities are available for our partners, hotel owners, buses, taxis, tour guides, representatives, etc.

Our office is in a 100m2 fully equipped working area for our team and Tour Operator staff.


Thassos Island

The Emerald of the Aegean

Thassos is an island full of beauty and nature treasures. It is also known as the emerald of the Aegean Sea, as per the green nature all around the island. Thassos Island is very popular of its crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches as well as of its refreshing nature and the mountain areas with exploring hiking paths.

The capital of Thassos is Thassos Town or Limenas, and it a town full of entertainment facilities and beauty. Thassos Town also features the main port of the island, as the secondary is placed in Skala Prinos. In Thassos Town, you will find plenty of taverns and restaurants, beach bars, cafeterias and bars, souvenir stores and different kinds of stores, super markets and banks. There you will find also the Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Theatre, so you will learn more about the Thassian history.

The second biggest town of the island is Limenaria. Located on the south side of Thassos, in Limenaria you will find also everything like local stores, taverns, bars, beach bars, or supermarkets. Limenaria is very famous for the “Palataki”, which is a must-see in the area. The German Enterprise “Speidel” exploited the quarry in Limenaria and had its offices in Palataki. Palataki stopped being inhabited in 1963, and since then it is a pole of attraction for the tourists and the residents of the island.
Thassos Island is full of graphical villages that will surprise you happily with their facilities. Experience the greek hospitality in the smiles of the residents, taste traditional flavors, visit local museums and admire all the secret treasures, like the Giola Natural Pool, the waterfalls and the lake of Maries, the cave in Tripiti Beach and the beaches that are not accessible by car.
For great summer moments under the sun, visit the exceptional beaches all around Thassos, such as Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Aliki Beach, Tripiti, Metalleia, Pefkari, Psili Ammos, Saliara, Vathy and plenty other ones that will astonish you.