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Services for Tour Operators

Vima Travel represents Tour Operators from all over Europe, handling their incoming tourism to the island.

Offering services such as tour operator handling, transfers, excursions, accommodation, hotel management and round trips

About us

Vima Travel Thassos

Vima Travel is a Destination Management Company which has been operating in Thassos for over 25 years and is one of the most renowned and reliable incoming
tourism companies on the island.


For Tour Operators 

Planning and Contracting

We have the knowledge, years of experience and a strong reputation to assist each Tour Operator that chooses Thassos as their destination.

Each Tour Operator for us is unique and we offer all of the below services from the start of co-operation. In addition, our excellent transfer services, excursion program and full backup, together create attractive and competitive holiday packages. With full support and full back up, Vima Travel is always here to assist.

Handling of bookings

We undertake the full booking procedure with:

– hotels
– delivery of rooming lists for Tour Operators cancellations
– collection of special offers
– requests,
– increasing/decreasing of allotments
– open/stop sales
– complaint handling.

Office – Equipment

Each of our partners has its own fully equipped desk:
– Internet access
– Computer
– Mobile device
– Printer
– Copy machine – copy paper – stationery
– Accommodation and transportation provided for representatives


Given there is no airport on the island, the airport serving Thassos is located on the mainland (Kavala’s international airport KVA).

We pride ourselves on the smooth operation of transfers. The transfer time from the airport to the port of Keramoti is approximately 15 minutes, followed by a 35-minute ferry crossing. On arrival into the port of Thassos Town, transfer times to the main resorts are approximate: Potos 1 hour, Limenaria 45 minutes, Skala Prinos 20 minutes, Golden beach 20 minutes, Skala Potamia 30 minutes.

Our coach supplier has a remarkable fleet of buses ranging from 30 to 70 seats.
We also value our excellent cooperation with the port authorities and ferry companies which play an invaluable role in the smooth operation of transfers. A dedicated member of our team is always on hand to oversee each transfer.


Jeep Safari

An unforgettable experience!

With a small convoy of jeeps, we will discover the hidden, inland of Thassos.

You will visit places you otherwise cannot reach: Marble Quarry,  Ipsarion – the highest point of the island standing at 1204m and Kastro, the ghost village renowned for its bone house. Here we will have a coffee break at the one and only café tavern found below the church.

Our jeep safari will also take you to the waterfalls of Kastro and little Lake of Maries. If you haven’t seen the island of Thassos, you haven’t experienced Thassos in full!

Beach Safari

We will make our way round the island by jeep, visiting the most beautiful beaches of Thassos – Paradise, Giola and Marble Beach to soak up the sun and enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters. We will stay at each one for approximately an hour.

Our first stop is the famous Giola, a unique natural pool in the rocks. The bravest can jump from 10m high into the pool! The next stop is Paradise Beach, surrounded by pine trees, we will swim in the clear water playing with the waves and having the feeling that we are in an exotic place. After, we will stop for lunch in a traditional Greek tavern with breathtaking views.

Our last stop of the day is the amazing Marble Beach. We will drive for about 5km off road, worth it to visit this unique beach with the tiny marble stones and swim in the clear, turquoise water.


Experience an exclusive sailing trip in small groups (maximum 10 people) to the dreamlike, secluded bays of Thassos. Enjoy fishing and snorkelling in some of most beautiful waters our island has to offer. Your personal skipper will take care of all your needs on board.

You also have the opportunity to sail the boat for yourself giving you the chance to feel like a captain! Enjoy this unique, private experience sailing around the most beautiful bays the island has to offer that can’t be reached by car! For refreshments, your captain will prepare delicious Mediterranean appetizers too good to miss!

If you are looking to experience something really special, then join us on board our impressive sailing boat!

Philippoi – Lydia – Kavala

Combine 2 days into one as we head over to the mainland to visit Philippi and Kavala. Take time to absorb the historic atmosphere of the vast ancient archaeological site of Phillipi. The largest archeological site of eastern Macedonia, founded by the King Philip II, father of the Alexander the Great. This was the first Christian town in Europe where Paul the Apostle came to spread the word of Christianity. Step back in time and discover the ancient town with its theatre, basilicas, the prison of St Paul, the roman agora and the cathedral of St Paul.
Nearby is the river of Lydia where the first European woman was baptized.

We will then make our way to Kavala, one of the largest and most beautiful Greek cities with its blend of ancient and modern Greece and its Byzantine Castle standing proud. Here you will enjoy free time for Coffee, lunch and shopping.

Thassos by night

Spend an evening discovering Thassos Town/Limenas. We will pick you up near your accommodation.

Enjoy the sunset from the historic Theatre and the view over the capital town of the Island from the Acropolis. Take a walk to the Ancient Market, “Agora” dating back to the 6th century BC and leisurely stroll around the pretty little old harbour.

Explore the interesting capital with its bars, taverns and local shops before the night comes to an end and we return you to your accommodation. A fee map of Thassos Town and short guiding service are included.

Boat Trip

What better way to spend the day …. lazily cruising the crystal, clear Aegean waters. Swimming, fishing, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Get acquainted with the beautiful coastline and shores of the Island, visit hidden bays and swim in some of the most beautiful secluded bays.

Try your hand at catching your own fish for our BBQ lunch to enjoy along with our tasty souvlaki.

Island Tour

A unique opportunity to see our Island accompanied by our professional guide who will bring to life the history and culture of Thassos. Our first stop will be the Archeological Museum of Thassos which houses invaluable archaeological exhibits, located next to the ancient agora, “market place”, an unexpected surprise which will give you a feeling of how life used to be more than 2000 years ago!

We then reach Panagia, one of the oldest and largest villages on the island, famous for the fresh water springs, the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, traditional houses built to  Macedonian architecture and the local honey and olive oil factory.

Next stop is Aliki, a stunning double bay, with unique beauty and historical importance. Ancient temples with erotic graffiti, ancient marble quarries, basilicas and roman cemeteries. Our final stop is the Byzantine monastery of Archangelos in the south. A nunnery hanging on cliffs with amazing views of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos.

A day really not to be missed ….

Round Trips in Greece

We organize round trips in Greece starting from any Greek airport from mainland (Kavala, Thessaloniki or Athens:
1. V. I. P in Greece (Very important places in Greece) Thessaloniki, Meteora, Delfi, Athens. 3-4 days.
2. Greece in details: Thessaloniki, Vergina/Pella, Meteora, Delphi, Korinthos, Olympia, Nafplion Epidaurus, Athens. 6-7 days
3. Classical Greece: Athens, Sounion, Delphi, Corinthos channel, Olympia, Sparta, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Saronic islands. 6-7 days
4. East Balkans: Thessaloniki, Vergina, Sofia, Plovdiv, Istabul. 5-6 days
5. Turkey from Greece: Thessaloniki (or Kavala), Philippi, Istanbul, Izmir, Ephesus, Bergamos, Troy, Kavala (or Thessaloniki). 7 days
6. Nature – walking lovers:
a. Thassos paths
b. Nestos river paths and gorge,
c. Delta Evros,
d. 3 countries

Nestos Gorge by Canoe

Nestos is one of the longest rivers in Greece at approximately 230km in length. It flows opposite Thassos, in the Thracian Sea.

What better way to experience the twenty kilometers downhill waters of the river gorge other than by canoe!

The forests surrounding are a protected area by EU Treaty and are said to have many rare species of flora and fauna which have survived here for centuries. Vultures, eagles and hawks fly over the rocks and species of plants that exist only in the straits of Nestos.

Why not join us for the day? A perfect experience for all ages!